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Aroma 8 Cup Rice Maker

This 8-Cup (uncooked, 16-cup cooked) Rice Maker by Aroma is the best-selling rice cooker on Amazon. The reason why it is so popular amongst rice lovers is that it is affordable and easy to use.

The Aroma rice maker is ideal for small or large families since it can make 4-16 cups of cooked rice.

The added benefit of this rice maker is that it also is able to steam meat and vegetables at the same time as cooking rice. The Aroma is also frequently used to heat soups and stews as well.

The Aroma has a cool-touch exterior and easy to open lid with a carrying handle. The digital control panel can be used to program cooking – with up to a 15-hr delay timer. So if you can prep it with uncooked rice before you leave for work and have it ready by the time you and your family is back in the evening for dinner.

The inside is a removable non-stick pot – making it easy for serving as well as cleaning. Comes with a rice measuring cup, steam tray and a rice spatula.

Aroma Rice Maker Instruction Manual (pdf)

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