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Black & Decker 7 Cup Rice Maker

The Black & Decker 7 Cup (uncooked, 16 cup cooked) Rice Maker is very affordable and useful for making large amounts of rice.

This machine doesn’t have all of the bells & whistles of the higher end rice cookers – but this will get the job done (make rice fast for a cheap price).

It comes with a glass lid (so you can watch rice being cooked), a nonstick bowl (easy cleanup), cook & warm indication lights as well as industry standard keep warm cycle to keep rice warm and prevent overcooking.

The Black & Decker is able to make rice as well as soups, stews and whatever else that can be made in a pot. One negative you’ll notice in the customer reviews is that this unit tends to be messy – so expect a messy countertop at times.

This happens if you put more water than is instructed. As one reviewer mentioned – follow the rice maker’s instructions rather than the instructions on the rice (asks to add too much water).

Accessories include a steamer basket, serving scoop, attached scoop holder, and a rice measuring cup.

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