Rice Maker FAQ

1. How To Use A Rice Cooker – One of the hardest things to cook to perfection is rice. It often turns out to be sticky, soggy, or mushy. It is difficult to tell if there too much or not enough water in the pot or if the rice should be cooked longer or less.

2. How To Cook Rice In Microwave – Rice is a wonderful, tasty and healthy side dish or main dish that can be had with any meal. However, preparing rice can be an arduous process if you do not know how to cook it.

3. Best Way To Cook Rice – The absolute easiest way to cook rice is to use instant rice. Instant rice has been precooked and dried out. Cooking instant rice is really just re-hydrating it, and is as easy as boiling water.

4. Rice Maker Recipes – Check out some of the best video recipes I’ve found online as well as some links to bestselling rice maker recipes.

5. How To Cook Minute Rice – When time is of the essence, Minute Rice is the best choice for preparing a quick and easy pot of rice. In fact, it is often called “instant rice.” Minute Rice is available in white or brown varieties.

6. The Best Rice Maker – The rice I prepared was always soggy, over-expanded into goo, or so solid I could hardly pry it loose from the pan. Often busy with my family of five children, I could not always watch the pot and the rice would scorch.