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Sanyo 10 Cup Micom Rice Maker

The Sanyo 10 cup (uncooked, 20 cup cooked) micro-computerized stainless steel rice maker is affordable and versatile. This model is perfect for large parties and big families.

For example, not only can you use this Sanyo rice maker for cooking large quantities of rice (20 cups of cooked rice!), the digital menu options include steaming, soup, cakes and more.

The micro-computer system uses “fuzzy logic” technology – meaning the unit is able to make automatic adjustments to temperature and time to make perfect rice. Once the rice is made, it automatically switches to keep warm mode – preventing rice from overcooking.
It has a 15 hour timer (which you can set to make rice up to 15 hrs from now), keep warm mode, reheat option and a non-stick inner bowl to prevent rice from sticking as well as easy cleanup.

The Sanyo rice maker can make multiple rice options: white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, rinse-free rice, sprouted brown rice, mixed rice, sweet rice and porridge.

The model comes with a steam tray (for vegetables, etc), a rice measuring cup, spatula and spatula holder.

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