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Sanyo Electric 5 1/2 Cup Rice Maker

The Sanyo 5 1/2 Cup (uncooked, 11 cooked) Electric Rice Cooker & Steamer is a basic level rice maker. Basic means that it’s a machine that you put in rice and press a button and it’ll cook it. The advanced rice makers (Micom) – are fitted with computer chips which are supposed to make fine adjustments to time and heat to make the rice.

Small difference if you just want some rice – a big difference if you’re a rice aficionado who lives and dies by the rice (or something like that).

This machine has two menu selections and can cook a variety of rice dishes, soups and porridge. There is also a steaming tray – useful for steaming vegetables.

Like most other rice makers, this one also has an automatic keep warm option. Accessories include: a rice measuring cup, spatula &6 spatula holder.

This Sanyo Rice Maker is great for medium sized families who just want a good gadget to make easy rice.

Owner’s Manual (pdf)

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