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Zojirushi 3 Cup Micom Rice Maker

The Zojirushi Micom Rice Maker & Warmer is a very popular option for individuals or small family households. It is consistently one of the best selling rice makers available on the market today.

Micom (short for micro computer) model rice makers include an advanced computerized system that automatically adjusts cooking temperature and time to cook rice perfectly each time.

The control panel has clock and timer functions so that you can set the Micom to make rice at certain time (ie: you can set the uncooked rice to be cooked and kept warm by the time you get home for work).

This is a 3 cup rice maker (meaning 3 cups of uncooked rice – which will yield 6 cups of cooked rice). Zojirushi makes its rice makers with coated non-stick stainless steel so that rice will not stick and is very easy to clean.

This Micom rice maker has settings for the following types of rice: white, sushi, brown & quick cooking.

Bonus options include a built-in retractable power cord as well as an automatic keep warm option for the rice – keeping it fresh up to 8 hours.

Included with the Micom rice maker are a measuring cup, non-stick spatula & spatula holder.

Zojirushi Rice Maker Instruction Manual (pdf)

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